by The Gunshy

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We will commit to releasing at least one song a month. We'll do it until we don't need to anymore.

These songs are completely free. All we ask in return is that you donate your time and/or money to a local charity focused on providing resources to women or minorities in need.


released November 20, 2016




The Gunshy Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: No Gods, No Bastards
No god, no bastard
Can force a fence around my home
No boss, no pastor
Can turn a heart into a stone

On Friday I was sure of everyone
Dancing at the bar to some sing along songs
We laughed and shared a shot while the band played on
Hopeful and assured of the days and the weeks to come

No god, no bastard
Can force a fence around my home
No boss, no pastor
Can turn a heart into a stone

You forced a couple words between the tears
Talked of disappointment and all these newfound fears
I said, "let it overcome you for a day or two,
Then use your desperation to improve, not succumb to."

No god, no bastard
Can force a fence around my home
No boss, no pastor
Can turn a heart into a stone

It didn't take a president with darker skin than mine
For me to give a shit about other people's lives
That ain't gonna change, that's never gonna change
This land is your land, this land is mine
Track Name: There Can Be Light Without Darkness
On the other side of heaven
By the twilight's last gleam
I was working for a dollar
They were charging by the seat

While all the admiration
Was wasted on defeat
My brother, my mother
They were expecting me

There can be light without darkness
There can be truth with no lies told
There can be days spent apart from love
Without a need for something new to hold

I stood in shallow water
While I stared long at the sun
The words that I recited
Were written for someone

Enlightened and excited
For what they thought would come
I let my head fall slowly
But sang no hateful song

There can be joy without failure
There can be hope with no remorse
There can be lives lived completely
Without others knowing what they were living for

There can be light without darkness
There can be truth with no lies told
There can be days spent apart from love
Without a need for something new to hold
Track Name: Monolith
A needle in hay, a word to a god
Who never seemed to listen unless we were doing wrong
In the eyes of his messengers, decent & pure
Who sold us salvation with a four letter word

Now all my fear is truth, so be warned

I know color & value, and sift through the loam
For purity & spectacle, and cast off the stones
Of my nation, my anger, and all of my wealth
Through the eye of a needle in the deserts of hell

Because all my children need a place to dwell

From Niña to Santa María
The medicine takes some time to leave you
Bathe in the light
The light of our kingdom
And watch these walls
Secure our freedom

The leaves on the tree mean nothing to me
The roots & the branches are all i need
Give me the name of a martyr, the trust of my flock
The stripes of my flag folded up in a box
For the reach of my empire, noble & broad
Cut from the cloth by the teeth of a god

Who says all my precious blood could not be wrong
And all my heed my word, it won't be long

I am the mason, the mortar, the bricks & the mud
The sheep of my master swept away in the flood
I am a wall, a monolith, a line in the sand
With the belt of the Bible pulled tight between my hand
Track Name: Serve Not Leader
There’s a place I do believe
Where people choose their company
Based on hopes, not enemies
And they say luxury
Is how much time a person can
Spend on helping out a friend
And a friend can be someone
They never met

I will teach my unborn son
To be proud of where he’s from
But to be confidently weak if need be
To serve not leader, but country

We memorize the lines
Of the pledges and the Bibles
To remind us of the people we’ve become
Distracted by routine
And fabricated stories
Used to harbor hate and fear
Instead of love

I will learn from my mistakes
I will learn to disengage
When my motivation strays from unity
Serve not leader, but country

For all the times I sat and spoke
Another Howard Zinn quote
When a kid had no schoolbooks to learn from
For every glass of wine I’ve raised
To celebrate a raise
When my better can’t afford to get drunk

I will clench my fist and fight
For honesty and civil rights
I will sing a battle cry if need be
Serve not leader, but country
Track Name: The Spring of '17
I am not pleased to meet you
I will never say
We’re all pretty good people
We just think in different ways

While you beg for recognition
From the wealthiest of men
I will do my own persuading
Like a good American

I won't expect too much from you
If you don't expect from me
Respect and admiration
A tear when you're impeached

These words will never reach you
That isn't their intent
We all care, we all work
Those for whom they’re meant

Your ears could never hear me
Let alone your soul
My home is not a casino
My treasure is not gold

This song should not have be written
I hope it's only need
Is to hastily eulogize
The spring of 17
Track Name: Trust & Believe
It must have been God's will
For cancer to arrive
A month before I celebrated
30 years of life

It must have been God's will
For the letter to arrive
from Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Saying I'm denied

But I trust, I believe
In the powers that be
For men of God don't slaughter their own sheep

It must have been God's will
that my beautiful wife
Should fall asleep on her drive from work
In the middle of the night

It must have been God's will
that she take the extra shift
To pay for all my bills
And prescription medicine

But I trust, I believe
What I hear on Sunday morning
And know that my president will help me

Whoso stoppeth his ears
At the cry of the poor,
He also shall cry himself,
But shall not be heard​