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A needle in hay, a word to a god
Who never seemed to listen unless we were doing wrong
In the eyes of his messengers, decent & pure
Who sold us salvation with a four letter word

Now all my fear is truth, so be warned

I know color & value, and sift through the loam
For purity & spectacle, and cast off the stones
Of my nation, my anger, and all of my wealth
Through the eye of a needle in the deserts of hell

Because all my children need a place to dwell

From Niña to Santa María
The medicine takes some time to leave you
Bathe in the light
The light of our kingdom
And watch these walls
Secure our freedom

The leaves on the tree mean nothing to me
The roots & the branches are all i need
Give me the name of a martyr, the trust of my flock
The stripes of my flag folded up in a box
For the reach of my empire, noble & broad
Cut from the cloth by the teeth of a god

Who says all my precious blood could not be wrong
And all my heed my word, it won't be long

I am the mason, the mortar, the bricks & the mud
The sheep of my master swept away in the flood
I am a wall, a monolith, a line in the sand
With the belt of the Bible pulled tight between my hand


from Undefeated, track released January 20, 2017
Written and sung by Ryan Ford. Played by The Gunshy. Recorded at 8AM, Chicago




The Gunshy Chicago, Illinois

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