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Remember When You Used To Want To Die

by The Gunshy

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Dude, get over it
You’ve got a fucked up government
And a way of always saying what nobody’s thinking
Still you swear there’s something meaningful
in all the rhymes you keep slurring
But no one is listening

Take the first flight from Chicago
To a sunny southern beach
You’ll forget all about all the things you think you need

Soon, you have to admit
your country’s just gone to shit
And we all seem pretty okay wallowing in it
Still no one’s lazier than a songwriter
Who claims they’re an activist
If you really give a shit

Take the first flight from Chicago
To Washington DC
Put yourself where your songs pretend to be

If you fear the end of times
Live your fucking life
Love your wife
Take your daughter outside

Remember when you used to want to die

You complain
About chest pains
Ringing ears
Your throat feels weird

But it changes
Almost every day
You might be sick
But not where you say

Your heart is healthy, lungs are clear
Your gut is rough, but not severe
Your ears look fine, your throat does too
If I were you

I would start
With some deep breaths
Ride your bike to work again

Remember when
You wore medium
Now extra large
Is hardly big enough

Quit the whisky, quit the beer
Quit the wine for a while
I’m not saying it’s forever
But if you want to feel better
You got to

Let me say something if I can in my defense
I hear what you’re saying, but if it’s all in my head
The smoke and the bottle, they help with the stress
How can I keep cool if I abandon them

You charge $10,000 to tell me I’m fine
I smile and say, “You’re probably right”
Then I go home and try to pretend to my wife
That I’m not too concerned, I just need some time

How am I supposed to be
The Matt you’ve come to know
Without a shit-eating grin at midnight
And a joint rolled for the road

Remember when you used to want to die

I don’t like to complain to you of all these things
I keep those thoughts for the songs that I sing
So I’ll hide them away, I’ll jot them all down
Then I’ll ask the band to surround them with sound
In attempt to present my darkest concerns
As depressing art only meant to deter
Others from thinking there’s some perfect cure
Or I know what I’m in it for

How can I laugh the right way
Without a little help?
Give me a terrible hangout at midnight
Or I don’t even know myself

Remember when you used to want to die

Yes, I remember when I used to want to die
In every state there was a place where I could lie
When I made a record, they’d listen, they’d write
They’d buy me shots after shows every night
Now I’m not saying I want to go back in time
I do love my dog, my daughter, my wife
But I can’t help but wonder sometimes
If I should have survived


released August 16, 2019
Matt Arbogast - Vocals, guitar, piano, organ, etc.
Ryan Troy Ford - Vocals, guitar, organ, glockenspiel
Colin Miller - Bass, guitar, Vocals
Andy Sivwright - Drums
Hawley Shoffner - Vocals
Max Stern - Guitar
Ben Grigg - Trumpet
Brent Shumard - Saxophone

Recorded by Matt Arbogast at 8 AM
Mastered by John McCaig




The Gunshy Chicago, Illinois

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